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Prologue: Assemble for WarEdit

Perhaps it was too much. Asseylum li Britannia looked at Alexia Reindhart. "Senpai, is it too much for me? Is it too much that I have won all of the previous Festas with such ease as I did? My opponent... My opponent is too easy. I will have achieved victory in all three of the Festas, and I'm barely halfway through junior high..."

Alexia put her hand out and ruffled Asseylum's hair. "No, no. Don't get overconfident. There's always the chance you will mess up at the last leg."

"I'm not being overconfident though!" Asseylum replied. "I'm just... I just feel bad for achieving this much progress so easily. I haven't given anyone else a chance."

Alexia laid back against the chair she was seated in. "Ah... So that's what you're worried about. Seylum, you're too kind for your own good."

"Is there a crime in being too kind?" she said defiantly, her face scrunching up in anger.

Alexia muttered something. "I'm sorry, Seylum. I wasn't thinking." Suddenly, a space window opened in front of her. Alexia nodded and shut it off. "Alright, I need to go. You better get ready, Seylum. The finals are beginning." The former student council president of Queenvail Girls' Academy stood up and fixed her clothes. She was wearing a rather provocative red dress which Asseylum found attractive... Alexia ruffled Asseylum's hair one more time before exiting the waiting room.

Asseylum sighed. "Miyuki."

Immediately, the fan laid on the table bathed in light. Seconds later, the light vanished to reveal a girl with the same proportions as Asseylum seated on the table, legs crossed. "Yes, Mistress."

The Crown Princess of the Holy Roman Empire stood up. "Come, Miyuki. It is time to do battle. For the final time."

Miyuki smiled before getting off of her seat. "Yes, of course." The two walked out of the waiting room, the automatic glass door sliding ever so slowly shut.

Insert Zinari waiting in the room here

"Go-oo-od morning, everybody!" Alexia was again in her commentator's booth. She had her best smile on her face as she yelled, "It is here. The battle you have all been waiting for! The 25th Lindwurm Festa ends today! Now, no more suspense! Let us get right to it!" The thunderous approval of the crowd erupted throughout the Sirius Dome. Alexia cleared her throat and announced, "Let me introduce our first contestant! She originates from the East gate, like the morning sun! She is the embodiment of pure genius, having led her team to landslide victories in the Gryps three months ago as well as the Phoenix last year! She is the Rank #1, the student council president of Queenvail Girls' Academy, and my beloved junior! The Flame Dragon Queen, the Strega of the Soul Sound! Asseylum li Britannia!!"

Asseylum's heart skipped a beat. "Jeez, Senpai!" she yelped into the darkness of the entryway. "Don't try to embarrass me to death, distracting me from my predicament ahead!" The gates finally opened up and Asseylum strutted out into the court. She immediately put her idol face on and began shouting, "Everyone~! Thanks for coming to watch me! I love you all for the support~!"

"Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" the crowd enthusiastically replied. "We love you too, Seylum-chan!!!" Asseylum responded by giving her famous, extremely cute, clueless look. She winked using her left eye while sticking her tongue out and hitting herself on the head with her right. "You're too cute, Seylum-chan!!!" the crowd roared again.

Asseylum swelled with joy at the reception she was getting. She decided that it was okay to hurt the few to please the many... She jumped off of her pedestal and landed onto the playing field. She took out her fan, Tenfūjin, and opened it. Despite it being an Orga Lux, it could be used normally, as a fan. Asseylum gently hit herself with cool air as she waited for Alexia to announce her opponent.

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